• Disinfection gate
  • Disinfection gate
  • Disinfection gate
  • MP 50 Sweeper
  • MP 73 Sweeper
  • MP 75 Sweeper
  • MP 95 Sweeper
  • MP 125 Sweeper
  • OMM 430B Scrub machine
  • OMM 500 scrub machine
  • OMM 700B Scrub machine
  • OMM 800 Scrub machine
  • OMM 1000 Scrub machine
  • Tron Vacuumcleaner

Disinfection at the entrance

Efficient personal hygiene can not be underestimated, especially in greenhouse environments where the risk of contamination poses great danger.

To prevent the risk of contamination in the broadest sense of the word, we offer you several possibilities: from sweep and scrub machines to disinfection gates to. These products and installations are used throughout the greenhouse/vegetable industry in The Netherlands.

We offer you a simple but very useful solution for this. A disinfection gate with a passage trough a tourniquet. It has a aluminum frame coated in standard RAL color, with a stainless steel foot support, railing and tourniquet.

To unlock the tourniquet you have to push two buttons in a disinfection tray simultaneously, while doing that you already walk over a plastic surface in a foot disinfection tray. The walk over surface automatically fills by means of the buffer tank. This installation works on 230 volts. The sizes of the gate allows you to place it in existing areas.

Cleaning machines for any job

In cooperation with Steenks Service in The Netherlands we offer you a wide variation of sweep, scrub, brush and multi-purpose machines.

Cleaning machines are ideal for fast and thorough cleaning of areas that are used intensively. Whether it involves a factory building, packaging hall or business premises such as a super market where many consumers come and go - hygiene is extremely important for employees and clients. This is true, not only in terms of health, but a cleaning machine is also ideal if you want your business premises to look fresh.


You can purchase new or used cleaning machines, which can be used immediately and effectively for all dry and wet cleaning tasks. Even fine dust is no match for the sweepers with their combined large filter surface area and filter-beating system which works perfectly. 

Whether you are looking for a sweeper, scrubbing machine, brush machine, wet vacuum cleaner, multi-purpose machine, or if you simply need detergents, with a large selection of cleaning machines and accompanying products, we are able to meet any need. The cleaning machines of Steenks Service are used in a large number of sectors. Fast and effective cleaning is best, since you don't want cleaning to hamper the activities of your company. 

The cleaning machines are used for the following purposes:

  • for business premises;
  • in nurseries;
  • at packaging companies;
  • in the hotel and catering industry;
  • in warehouses;
  • at airports;
  • at flower and vegetable auctions;
  • at food processing companies;
  • in super markets;
  • at garages;
  • in parking garages;
  • in trading firms;
  • by agriculturists;in the maritime industry;
  • by transport and storage companies.

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