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To make it safer and more efficient we offer you a wide variation of lifts and trolleys

Are you looking for a pipe rail trolley? we offer you a very large assortment of pipe rail trolleys. We sell in cooperation with Steenks-Service from The Netherlands Berg Hortimotive trolleys.






The (electric) pipe rail trolleys are invaluable to the horticultural industry. This is true in terms of use by the actual growers, but suppliers for processing services and installers also use the machines quite frequently. Heating pipes in greenhouses are assigned an extra function, namely, to serve as rails for the pipe rail trolleys. All machines can thus be moved easily and in a stable manner. The electric pipe rail trolleys, powered by traction batteries, can be charged easily with a high-frequency battery charger and can, in addition to electric operation on a pipe rail system, also operate on concrete floors. Flanged rollers are used especially for this purpose.

Pipe rail trolleys are used by flower and vegetable growers for the following activities, amongst other things:

  • low and high crop work;
  • harvesting work (also on different working heights);
  • transport of plants, flowers and vegetables;
  • crop spraying;
  • spray-cleaning of gutters;
  • replacement of shade cloth;
  • cleaning of lights (assimilation lighting);
  • glass and roof repairs;
  • various other repair and maintenance activities.

The (electric) pipe rail trolley can therefore be used in many different ways in the horticultural industry, and insures significant improvements in efficiency and safety. More work in less time!

Service & Maintenance

We from JD Construction AB in cooperation with Steenks-Service have the possibility to serve and maintain all your lifts, trolley´s and spraying robots. 

Repair and maintenance activities can be carried out by us in the workshop or at your location. The major advantage of maintenance on location is that you can operate your machine again in a short period of time. This results in minimum loss of time and also in considerable comfort. After all, your machine does not need to be transported, which means you will also save on transport costs.  

For more information about trolleys or service of your trolleys, please contact us