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       Easy-Go is the new all-electric "stand up" scooter

Ideal for long distance, easier than having to walk.

Comfortable and fun to drive, attention to detail and unlimited accessibility makes Easy-Go to a unique vehicle. It is also environmentally friendly: no consumption of gasoline and, of course, zero pollution.

Easy-Go is not only fun but also really comfortable to drive with at airports, hospitals, stadiums, in greenhouses, and in all the companies that extend over large areas. Easy-go can keep a steady pace and thanks to the ability to connect various accessories, the Easy-go can be used to move personnel, equipment and products around.



Easy-work series

With the Easy-work series pulling, lifting, moving and carrying will be so much easier.

You wont have to pull, lift, move and carry around heavy equipment and materials by hand anymore. With the Easy-work series, it is faster and easier.




This name already says a lot, everything starts with the water. Be-Cool is a special system made incredibly compact, consisting of a high pressure pump working around an interval of 70-120 bar, it can be connected to many different nebulization systems, the one that best fits the needs of the customer. The system can be installed anywhere you like. Gardens, terraces, hotels, restaurants, bars, pools, playgrounds and many more places. Each system can be adapted to the location where it will be mounted.

The real strength of the Be-Cool is the nozzles. Entirely crafted in Italy, the system can spray droplets of water is not bigger than 1 micron (1 thousandth of a millimeter), so this means what you feel is only a soft veil of freshness without getting wet. Which means that the Be-Cool is the right answer for those warm summer days.


For more information about the Easy-Go, Easy-work or the Be-cool, please contact us!